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Facebook会将你的广告受众对你的广告的反应给你的FB广告打分,分数最低1分最高10分,分数越高,说明你的广告数据表现越好,也就越有机会以更低的费用展示给你更多的目标受众。当且仅当你的广告展现超过500的时候,这个分数才会在你的广告后台显示出来。 相关度分数和以下几个因素有关: 你的广告表现 对广告积极的反应,如点击链接,观看视频,安装应用等等 对广告消极的反应,如点击“I don't want to see this”按钮,屏蔽你的广告 HOW IT'S USED Your relevance score estimates how well your ad is resonating with the people you want to reach. The higher your ad's relevance score, the better it's considered to be performing. When your ad's relevance score is high, it's more likely than other ads to be shown to your target audience. HOW IT'S CALCULATED Ads with relevance scores of 1 are estimated to be not very relevant to your audience. Ads with scores of 10 are estimated to be very relevant to your audience. We base relevance scores on several factors, including: How well your ad is performing Positive feedback (ex: app installs, clicks, video views) we expect from people who see your ad Negative feedback (ex: Someone clicks “I don't want to see this” on your ad)